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Nicotine concentrate (100mg/ml, base PG), 50 ml

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Nicotine concentrate (100mg/ml, base PG), 50 ml

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Nicotine concentrate (100mg/ml, base PG), 50 ml.


Concentrate with high nicotine content.
Nicotine content: 100 mg / ml.
Basis - PG.
Volume - 50 ml. (Accuracy - 2%).
Concentrate contains flavorings, has no odors.
It goes well with all types of aroma.
Concentrate used for the base production base PG.
Concentrate with high nicotine content spreads tolerance - 2% made of high quality food-grade components (base PG).
Packaged in a plastic bottle and individual box.
Concentrate is not intended for refilling cartridges, and can only be used for self-production of liquids for electronic cigarette.

WARNING! Nicotine is chemically active substance, you use it at your own risk and take full responsibility only for themselves! When working with nicotine Follow the safety precautions and use personal protective hand and eye. Avoid all common goods and utensils. You should not use the concentrate, while not dilute it to secure consistency. Store in a dark, cool place, away from food, inaccessible to children and unauthorized persons. In case of contact with eyes or skin, wash with lukewarm water and soap, and if necessary, consult a doctor.

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